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Subscriptions & Memberships

.Fresh Is The Best, All Season Long!.

Home Delivery or Grab + Go Pickup available on Wednesdays through most of December.

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We have both full-choice Market Subscriptions and an open-to-the-public Online Market : 


Why Subscribe?

Besides the delight of receiving a box full of fresh, local produce at your doorstep or your pickup location of choice, our Market Subscriptions offer savings, ease, and lots of flexibility. And, of course, there's nothing better than supporting local! We have savings options for those who prefer once-and-done setup and for those who like to shop for what they want, when they want. Check them out here!



An auto-subscription is easy. Set it up once, and you’re done. At purchase, just select the size of box that you want: Small is great for a couple or single veggie-lover, while Large is good for a family or 3 adults. Then, choose the length of your subscription: 12, 18 or 24 order fulfillments. Add a Home Delivery Plus Membership or buy extra Market Credit at the get-go. Save with a one-time payment or opt for the simplicity of four auto-recurring payments.

Scheduling your boxes is also a cinch: schedule all or just some of your weeks and get the value of the unscheduled weeks as Market Credit. Change your schedule throughout the season by calling or texting it in, or from your market subscriber's page. 


For scheduled weeks, we choose what goes in your box, but you're welcome to add on to it as you like. Don't want something in your scheduled box? No problem! Simply log into The Market, swap out your box for the week, and choose exactly what you like.


Find recipes, farm news, and box contents in our Weekly Newsletter and blog, or sign up for instant notifications to find out as soon as box contents are posted. Initial scheduling and registration only takes a few minutes, and we'd be happy to help you get set up over the phone!

Instead of pre-scheduling your boxes, you could skip scheduling altogether. Just choose your plan according to the Market Credit value that you want, select a box size (this is only in case you change your mind and decide to schedule a box) and - if you want one - add on a Home Delivery Plus Membership. You also can save with a one-time payment or opt for the simplicity of four auto-recurring payments.


Our new Market Credit system is very simple: at registration your Market Credit Balance will be filled with the value of your unscheduled boxes. We'll also issue you a unique Market Coupon Code that you must enter at every Market checkout. Don't worry, we'll post your Market Balance and Coupon Code on your cart page so you won't have to remember it! And, voila! You may shop The Market when you want, for exactly what you want, using your Market Credit. (Market Credit is good for anything in The Market besides home delivery fees.)

The best part about becoming a Market Subscriber is that you'll have access to all four of our box types, including the choose-your-own "I Got It" Box, for the entire season! That means, if you run out of Market Credit, you're still welcome to shop The Market with the privileges of a subscriber. We do offer Add-On Credit, but it is only required for scheduling boxes.

Do you want to schedule some or all of your boxes to save time?

Would you rather the flexibility to choose what you want week-by-week?

Besides having the freedom to choose exactly what goes in your box, another great highlight of our subscriptions is the savings! (Which I think is important to anyone these days!) Not only will you save with your initial buy-in and with your Home Delivery Plus membership, but you will also save with our "Fresh Is The Best" Loyalty Program! We're extending this fun rewards program to our subscribers to thank you for your continued support! 


You're automatically enrolled when you purchase a subscription plan, and, after every three box fulfillments, we'll add an ever-increasing reward to your Market Credit Balance. It's as simple as that!


The more boxes of produce you schedule or buy this season, the more you will save!


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