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Frequently Asked Questions

Classic Subscription FAQ

How do I setup an Auto-Recurring Subscription?

Just click on the "Classic Subscription Options" button above and you'll be directed to a page where you can learn more about our plan options. Otherwise, you may skip ahead to our Pricing/Checkout Table. Once you've decided on your plan details, click the plan of your choice inside the table to checkout. After checkout, be sure to click on Registration. We ask all Classic Subscribers to register as soon as they can, this way we'll know when and where to send your produce. Registration should only take a few minutes.

How do I preschedule when I get my box? What about last minute changes?

We ask that you schedule your "on" weeks at Initial Registration as soon as you buy a plan. You're welcome to update your schedule anytime in "My Schedule" in your personal MEMBER INFO AREA. For last minute changes, just make sure your update is submitted before Weekly Order Cutoff Time at 11:59pm every Sunday. For last-minute cancellations, please contact me directly at 414-331-4541.

How do I find out what's in my box this week?

Look for our Weekly Newsletter in your inbox every Friday morning. We'll include the contents of your box, highlights of what's in season, shared recipes, and a link to the Online Market for add-ons.

I want to add extra items to my box. Where do I start?

You're welcome to add on to your next box by ordering on our Online Market. Skip ahead past "Box Choice" (your box is already scheduled) and go to our Add-On Market. Here you can add any a la carte items of your choice. Select "Order Add-On" at checkout. There's no minimum purchase requirement for add-ons. As long as you place the order before Sunday at 11:59pm, your add-ons will be included that Tuesday. Unfortunately, we cannot process add-on orders more than one week ahead of time. Things change quickly around here, and we cannot promise availability of a particular item that far in advance.

Our family loves sweet corn. How do we get sweet corn added to our box every week?

Sweet Corn will be in your box from time to time, but if you're looking for a pre-scheduled addition to your box, we've started offering add-on subscriptions to help you build your box automatically. Currently we have a limited number of Add-On Egg Subscriptions. Let us know if you're interested in a particular add-on item (like sweet corn, salad greens, fruit or mushrooms), and we'll set it up for you and send you an invoice.

We're going to be out of town for a while. Can I double up on boxes when we get home?

We offer something even better! If you need to skip some weeks or if you're registering late in the season, you may request a Skip-Week Coupon worth the number of weeks you plan to skip. You may use this coupon code to shop for add-ons in our Online Market. Request a Skip-Week Coupon at initial registration or by clicking "Update" in "My Schedule" under your Member Info Pages.

Can I choose what goes in my box?

With Classic Subscriptions, you are set to a farmer's choice "Farmer Knows Best" box for every fulfillment. You may add on to your box, but the box is the preset foundation to your subscription. Contents will be posted in our Weekly Newsletter. If you're looking for more choice, please check out our Online Market or Home Delivery PLUS membership. With these, you may choose any one of our two box options: the full choice "I Got It" Box or the farmer's choice "Farmer Knows Best" Box. However, there is no pre-scheduling with the Weekly Online Market or Home Delivery PLUS memberships so you must shop online every time you'd like a box. Read below about how to add on to your classic subscription box.

Where do you deliver?

To simply things this season, we've posted our delivery area in our Current Delivery Area page. You can find the page through our Locations menu or at the bottom of every site page in Info & Forms. If your town or city in not listed, please fill out our quick Home Delivery Address Pre-Approval form.

How do I set up a Free Pickup Location?

Set up your Free Pickup Location in Initial Registration after purchasing a plan. You can edit your Pickup Location by clicking "Update" on your My Schedule page in your Member Info Pages. All Pickup Location submittals must be in by 11:59pm the Sunday before expected pickup.

I'm a Home Delivery customer. Can I pick up my box at market or a Free Pickup Location for a week?

Yes. If you'd like to visit us at market or pick up your box instead of having it delivered to your home, you may sign up for a One-Time Pickup Location by clicking "Update" on your My Schedule page. One-Time Pickup Locations are just that - set up for only one time - after that, your settings will automatically go back to home delivery.

How do I access the Online Market so I can add to my box?

Just click on the ONLINE MARKET menu at the top right corner of this page or click "Shop" anywhere on our site. Select "Add-On Market" under Market Home in the header menu. Alternately, you can click on one of our links in the Weekly Newsletter or Box Reminder emails that go out to you.