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We have three options of payment:

upfront payment

Save money by paying for the whole season now with one upfront payment. You may pay by credit card or PayPal with this option.

pay by check

Save even more by paying for the whole season with a check. 

Just fill out the "Pay By Check" form and we'll invoice you straight away. You'll be granted a temporary membership until we receive your check in the mail.

monthly payments

Take it easy and pay for your subscription monthly. An auto-recurring payment will occur every month for six months and begins according to the start-date you set at checkout. 

*Signing up for a Classic Subscription means you are committing to an entire season, regardless of whether you pay upfront or monthly. Mid-season cancellations are subject to review as the number of fulfillments received may not match up with payments received. For more information, read our Store Policy. If you're looking for a commitment-free option, try out our Online Farmer's Market - it offers many benefits as well.

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